HOA Info

In this section, you will find all the Association’s Information and Documents. If you are looking for something specific, Please email us and we would be happy to assist you.


Chris Hull / President


Association Attorney – Eads, Murray and Pugh, P. C. – Indiana HOA Law

Association/Financial Management – Your HOA Community Management, Inc.

Landscape Management – Indy Turf Pro

Pond Maintenance – ASAP Aquatics


Articles of Incorporation

By Laws

Codes and Covenants

Plat Map


Approved Budget 2018

Movie Night! July 27th, 2019 at the Playground!

Movie TBA

What other things are currently in the works for our association?

  • All of the fire hydrants in PH have been repainted red and look wonderful.
  • The pot hole at the neighborhoods 67 entrance has been filled. They may have to refill in the fall.
  • The town is looking into grants to repave or seal the streets in the older part of the neighborhood. We are on the list for town repairs but repairs will be made by urgency.
  • The painter that was painting the fence out front has had some issues being able to complete the job. Other painters will be contacted to get it finished.
  • Trees along the black fence on 67 will be trimmed soon.
  • Boards will be replaced along the fence both along 67 and 750. We will contact the fence company for a repair estimate.
  • The trash at the playground is emptied weekly by the President. The association is looking in to a service that can be hired to handle this.
  • The association donated chips to the July Movie Night.
  • The association will purchase (2) multi-use signs to use for movie nights, and other events within the community.